Monday, 24 October 2016

Another wonderful 5-star review of NEMESIS

Another wonderful 5-star review of NEMESIS. Mick59 says,
'...this book was read cover to cover in two days, despite having no real expectations at the outset. Price writes in a fast-paced, easy to read, short chapters style reminiscent of James Paterson ... the book very quickly shifts into action mode and the character of the villain, Daniel Moxley is cleverly and graphically developed early on so that the reader is no doubt about the challenge facing the police. The rest of the book is a gripping and pacy battle which kept me wanting to read another chapter .....then another and another. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. (Full review on Amazon UK). 
Available to download now at only £2.99/$3.66 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited. (Also in paperback at only £6.99/$7.99 - make a great present).

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Is Nemesis the No 1 book you've ever read? Surely not; but Mr. W. in Scotland thinks so!

NEMESIS is receiving some wonderful reviews via various platforms, and not least on Amazon. It received a couple more 5-star reviews over the weekend and as important as they all are, I was particularly blown away by one from Mr Wilkinson in Scotland when he said it was 'the number one book I've ever read'.
It left me sort of speechless...Thank you so much, Mr Wilkinson. For those who want to see it, the fuller review is below.
'Just finished reading the book and I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. A very very very good crime thriller with realistic disturbing violent bloody content just what I like. Once I started [I] just couldn't stop reading it, to be honest, I didn't want it to end, this is the number one book I've ever read...thanks again for the great read Roger.'