Tuesday, 23 February 2016

5-Star review on Goodreads for 'By Their Rules', By Leah in Canada.

'Gripping, raw and fascinating. Nothing draws me into a book faster than if the author has infused his plot with life experience. I found myself enmeshed into the story line of Burrows and Lee, and their twisted journey hunting Cabilla, a ruthless killer from Africa. Price takes the reader along, and you find yourself seeing through the eyes of those who work to bring down dangerous criminals. The view is much different here and the reader gains much more understanding of how skewed the system is that the 'good guys' have to work in. How laws handcuff those trying to go after hardened criminals. How discouraging it is for those who work undercover for months building cases and evidence, only to have them tossed out on technicalities. Price has painted his picture with the brush of real life experience bringing characters right off the page. The author takes the reader into a world most would describe as ugly, harsh and ruthless. A world where disposing people that stand in the way of profit is done as easily as throwing away a candy wrapper. The author weaves a very good story and I would highly recommend this book. '


Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Watching dialogue come to life.

What an interesting day filming with 'Cold Feet' yesterday with James Nesbit, John Thompson and James Bolan. A long day - 15 hours door-to-door - but interesting watching the processes and being a (small) part of it.

But get this, they had me dressed as a Man U fan - so no acting needed - with half the day filming at the 'Theatre of Dreams' and the second half inside the nearby Trafford Pub!!!!
And they actually paid me to do it!!

Sunday, 14 February 2016

'A New Menace' is short-listed for Book Viral's 'Book of the Year' Award.

During 2015, the book review site Book Viral reviewed over a thousand books - this being less than half the total submitted.
I'm thrilled to announce that 'A New Menace' has made the short-list of 50 from which six finalists and the overall winner of their 'Book of the Year' will be picked.
I'll be mainly keeping everything crossed until 1st March when the winner will be announced.
You can view all the finalists via the attached link, just click on any cover you fancy and the full review will appear.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

100-word view into the world of some of my characters

If you'd like a sample of my characters John Burrows and Jane Lee, here is a 100-word piece of short fiction I wrote for BookHippo which they've published today.
If you like it, why not try one of the novels?

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Valentines' Day

Still struggling what to get your partner for Valentines' day? Why not buy or download a book? Just think about, they get to become engrossed in a great story; and you don't have to talk them. It's a win-win.


Saturday, 6 February 2016

A Sense of Place: Music versus Books.

I guess we all listen to music and recall many tunes that resonate with a particular period in our  lives whether that be in time or emotion. I know there are many early David Bowie and Rod Stewart tracks that will always strike an image or moment within me whenever I hear them. I know most of us are the same.

     I was listening to such a tune the other day and it got me to thinking whether books have the same power. My conclusion is that they have; plus much more.

     As much as I love listening to music that takes me to a place in time, the music is always exactly the same each time I hear it. Now that is not in any way a critisim of those talented creative minds who enrichen our souls with their melodic masterpieces; but by its inherent nature it is a fixed thing. It may sound as different to each individual ear as the memory it evokes, but a novel, a work of fiction, can achieve even more.

     Each reader of the same piece of fiction, will read it differently. Each will engage in a different experience, bespoke to that individual reader. Each will have a slightly different  perception of the characters, no matter how skilled the writer has been at his or her crafting of them. In fact, I always  prefer to write with a limited descriptive, an incomplete exposition, so that the reader has enough information to understand, but with sufficient gaps to allow their own imaginations to fill in the blanks in a wondrous personal way.

Therefore, as much as I love listening to music, there will always be an added magic in reading a work of fiction, as the author speaks to me in a different way that he or she speaks to others.        

Thursday, 4 February 2016