Tuesday, 23 February 2016

5-Star review on Goodreads for 'By Their Rules', By Leah in Canada.

'Gripping, raw and fascinating. Nothing draws me into a book faster than if the author has infused his plot with life experience. I found myself enmeshed into the story line of Burrows and Lee, and their twisted journey hunting Cabilla, a ruthless killer from Africa. Price takes the reader along, and you find yourself seeing through the eyes of those who work to bring down dangerous criminals. The view is much different here and the reader gains much more understanding of how skewed the system is that the 'good guys' have to work in. How laws handcuff those trying to go after hardened criminals. How discouraging it is for those who work undercover for months building cases and evidence, only to have them tossed out on technicalities. Price has painted his picture with the brush of real life experience bringing characters right off the page. The author takes the reader into a world most would describe as ugly, harsh and ruthless. A world where disposing people that stand in the way of profit is done as easily as throwing away a candy wrapper. The author weaves a very good story and I would highly recommend this book. '


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