Saturday, 16 April 2016

Shake the Spiders by Anne Wentworth. A five-star read for any fan of Young Adult fiction.

An author friend of mine who writes, among other things, young adult fiction under the pen name - Anne Wentworth - has recently published 'Shake the Spiders' via Finch Books an imprint of Totally Entwined Group. She has been encouraging me to write YA, and I may well have a go when things on my crime thriller front are less busy.
However, she kindly sent me a copy of her new book which is available on early release via the below link, to read. And even though I'm supposed to be an 'old adult', I really enjoyed it; it dragged me back to my early teens when I used to love the fictional worlds created by Enid Blyton.
Set in rural Canada it is a mystery with a ghostly twist, but in a benevolent way. The way the author gives depth to her characters by meaningful and taut dialogue immerses you as you read.
It goes on general release on the 31st May, but if you have a bored teen who loves reading mystery fiction I heartily recommend you download a copy now. Great read, Anne and I look forward to posting a review via on-line sellers once it appears. Thanks.

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