Saturday, 23 July 2016

Worth more than money.

Writers don't make much dosh from short stories; I tend to consider writing the odd one or two as maybe a way to increase my profile in a busy marketplace to help make readers aware of my crime novels.

I recently had published a short story with a US e-zine entitled 'Future Reflections' a short cosy mystery which is no more than a five-minute read.

I've received feedback from someone who read it before suggesting to his wife that she might like to read it. A lady who never reads fiction read it and apparently was moved to tears and didn't want it to end. Her husband was good enough to take the trouble to let me know.

Stunned, I thanked them both. But when you discover your words can evoke such emotion in a reader - especially from a crime writer - you know it's worth more than any amount of royalty cheques.  

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