Wednesday, 10 August 2016

It's all in the name

'Through A Twisted Prism' is the first in a new series of crime thrillers introducing detective inspector Vinnie Palmer, a good cop but with maverick tendencies and Christine Jones, a TV news reporter, who is a sassy investigative journalist who loves her scoops. Hence the series name of the 'Badge and the Pen'.

They make unlikely bedfellows, as cops and press often clash in real life.

The first novel is due out very soon as an e-book first but will be followed up shortly afterwards by a paperback release. However, it's having a last minute name change. My excellent publisher - Endeavour Press - wanted a title that was short and snappy. So, having discarded 'Jack Russell' not to be confused with the brilliant Jack Reacher character; we came up with three possibles. I was pleased that my publishing director chose my favourite on the list, which is 'NEMESIS'.

I think it is very impactive and when you look at the definition it works great. Daniel Moxley is a psychopath who escapes prison with revenge on his mind. He also becomes Vinnie Palmer's nemesis, as he taunts the lead cop who is chasing him.

Seeing how who much thought goes into the title of a book (which incidentally has had two previous working titles) you can imagine how much work goes into the rest of it to turn the manuscript into a published novel.

'NEMESIS' is coming soon; I do hope you like the title, oh, and the book too.        

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